I have social anxiety. It makes it hard for me to go out and deal with people that i am not already familiar with. Now this guy was talking about how he wanted me to go do 3 day training classes for groups of admins and i was pretty worried […]

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Operating system is possibly an 8th point to consider for reducing cost. Don’t pay extra for Windows Vista Ultimate if you aren’t going to need the features, and don’t skimp down to Vista Basic and then wonder why you don’t have the cool Aero interface. Again, compare before you buy. […]

When technology products first come out – let’s say a major revision of a product, or a brand new computer chip, or a new technology of some kind – it’s called the “bleeding edge” for a reason. The help desk is getting too many calls and the wait time is […]

Purchasing one: HTC’s first dual-core foray is available through T-Mobile. It can be expected to launch with June 8 and will operate on T-Mo’s HSPA+ network. These usually fix the programming errors, but they can also cause new conflicts within the programming. It’s not always perfect, but for some, it […]